AutoBleem licence and copyright note

AutoBleem software complies to FREEWARE licence.

What does it mean to you:

  • You can and will always be able to download and use AutoBleem totally for free.
  • You can copy it to your friend, family… whoever you want
  • You can host an official release package on your website.
  • You can review it or make a tutorial on YouTube or similar video hosting portal
  • In general you CAN NOT bundle any part or full package with any third party software. Although we make some exemptions here. Currently RetroBoot, Hakchi and KMFDManic are allowed to use any part of our binaries with their releases.
  • You CAN NOT make any money on AutoBleem in any way except video reviews. This includes donations, reselling.

All trademarks like Sony™, PlayStation™, PlayStation™ logo belongs to their respective owners and are used in AutoBleem software only for informational purposes.

AutoBleem does not use or distribute any copyrighted material like illegally downloaded rom dumps, illegal games, or any other copyrighted content etc. If you found any of copyrighted content that belongs to you, feel free to contact us and this content will be removed from our software immediately. In general we only re-use the content that is a part of Sony PlayStation Classic oss firmware that is available from official Sony website located here:

We do not take any responsibility for third party forks based on old (open source) AutoBleem software, the “themes” created by third party users or any unofficial releases build by any other third party individuals or groups other than AutoBleem Team.

Open source components

SQLite v.3.26.0 Licence: Public Domain More info:

UNECM Version 1.0 Copyright (C) 2002 Neill Corlett Licence: GPLv2 More info:

PCSX ReARMed (c) 2018 Sony Interactive Entertainment (custom version) Original author: (c) 2009-2011 PCSX-Reloaded Team Licence: GPL v2 More info:

RetroArch / Libretro API / Lakka Licence: MIT / GPL / non-commercial More info:

SDL2 library (The software does not distribute any binaries however it links in runtime to SDL2 provided in the Linux firmware) Licence: zlib license More info: