My Console Crashes / Does not load AutoBleem / I can not play games / AutoBleem goes to black screen


Why not contribute to BleemSync/Retroboot ?

Actually … we are in cooperation with RetroBoot and Hakchi

Can I extend this project ?

Of course … you can help us, also if you know any C++, SQL, Java or even how to make youtube videos talk to us on our Discord and join our team. Unfortunately the source code for some core components is now closed. We as a team (with consultation with all previous contributors) decided to close the source of listed elements:

  • AutoBleem GUI / EvoUI / Scraper (autobleem-gui,starter, abkernelflasher, pscbios) and any future related binaries (c) AutoBleem Team
  • Initramfs binary overlay loader (C) Hakchi / madmonkey
  • sntool (C) Hakchi / madmonkey

All those tools do not link statically to any open source project.
All open source tools and elements we had use to build our packages are available on their author’s websites. In case we had to modify some open source component the modified source is/will be released using our private gitlab.

I want to contribute, but you closed source – you are bad guys now

No, we are not. We closed the source for one reason. One of our rules is and always was to make AutoBleem totally NON PROFIT project. This means we do not want any other people to get any profit from our software/work (including any donations, sales etc). The only way to achieve this was to abandon GPLv3 and move to FREEWARE model. Now as project is closed source we got back control over how it is distributed and we can block any attempt to get money of your pocket. The only exemption from this rule are professional game YouTubers that may take donations for tutorial / review videos. Also if you really wanted to contribute to the sources … where have you been for the last two years ?

I can not see my game / AutoBleem forces rescan on every boot

AutoBleem is analysing the game folder during boot and using smart algorithm it is trying to generate all files needed to run the game, but sometimes it fails. In this case AutoBleem WILL NOT ADD THE GAME to the MENU, so if you do not see your game … something is broken in it.