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WARNING: Do not use LBOOT.EPB generated in BleemSync / Project Eris with kernel flasher. Please use Eris or BleemSync uninstalling routines to uninstall kernels installed by other firmwares.


This release would never come without help of many people from PSC community. So we want to send best greetings to:

  • madmonkey -for a big help with the kernel build, init scripts)
  • DanTheMan – for a big help with Bluetooth support and for his BlueTool)
  • genderbent – for everything related to RetroArch, EmulationStation and game ports
  • KMFDManic – for retroarch cores and testing support

AutoBleem PS Classic Linux Kernel

AutoBleem now has it’s own Linux kernel for the Playstation Classic!!!

The new AutoBleem kernel includes support for OTG, RNDIS, easy WiFI setup and auto connect on boot (all Linux drivers), Ethernet (all Linux drivers), NTFS and exFat, and experimental Bluetooth support.

Flashing the new Kernel

The AutoBleem kernel flasher is VERY easy to use. The kernel flasher will first backup your existing PSC kernel and then quickly flashes the new AutoBleem kernel. If you have the BleemSync 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, or Project Eris kernel installed on your PSC you must first use Bleemsync or Project
Eris to restore your PSC back to it’s original state. The AutoBleem kernel flasher will not flash the kernel if BleemSync or Project Eris kernel files are still on the PSC. See the separate AB_0.9.0_Kernel_Installation.txt document for instructions.


Setting up WiFi is also very easy. Go to the Network App or the Advanced menu (press L1 then Square). AutoBleem will scan the WiFi network for the SSID’s of nearby WiFi networks. Simply select your SSID from the list. Enter the SSID WiFi password. After the network is initialized (WiFi and/or Ethernet) the I.P. addresses are displayed. Set your time zone.
AutoBleem will then set the current date and time on your PSC. Once setup, WiFi will automatically reconnect on every boot! See the WiFi setup document for more details.

Date and time

If WiFi or Ethernet has been setup AutoBleem will automatically set the current date and time on the Playstation Classic from the internet. If the date and time are set AutoBleem will save and display the last time a game was played on the PS1 Game carousel. If you want to change the date time display format edit the “Datetimeformat” setting in Autobleem/bin/autobleem/config.ini.
See for date time format strings.

NOTE: Pressing L1 + Square while at the AutoBleem start screen will take you directly to the AutoBleem Kernel Bios Hardware Infomation App. This will display your PSC hardware information including the WiFi and/or Ethernet connection IP address and the current date and time. This menu display is only available if you have flashed the AutoBleem Kernel
to your PSC.


Bluetooth is experimental in this release. The Switch Pro controller and the GameSir G3s controller work (also experiments were done with DualShock 3 and 4, but they are not stable at the moment). The AutoBleem team will continue to work on supporting more Bluetooth and USB controllers for future releases. See the separate document on how to pair a controller to the PSC with Bluetooth.

RetroBoot and Emulation Station

RetroBoot 1.1 is built into AutoBleem.
RetroBoot 1.1 includes Emulation station!!! You can start Emulation Station from the applications folder in Retroarch. You can switch back in the ports section in ES.

Retroboot 1.1 Release

Game Emulators included

AmiBerry Amiga Emulator)
OpenBor (Beats of RAge Emulator)

Game Ports included

Wolfenstein 3D
Prince of Persia
Duke Nukem 3D

Download Links



How to Uninstall Project Eris

How to Install the Autobleem kernel
Note: The Install video also shows running Emulation Station from AutoBleem

How to setup Wi-Fi
How to setup Bluetooth
How to Uninstall the AutoBleem kernel

Note: Uninstall restores the original kernel from the backup made by AutoBleem only. Do NOT use AutoBleem to restore a Bleemsyc or Eris LBOOT.EPB file! You will brick your PSC. Remember to use fat32 on the Uninstall USB.

Restalgia Video Demo
Magnus’s Video Playlist
Retroboot 1.1 ES standalone PPSSPP test and more

Documents in the zip

Autobleem_0.9.0_release_notes.txt Autobleem_0.9.0_Removing_Bleemsync_and_Restoring_from_Kernel_Backup.txt
AutoBleem 0.9.0 Bluetooth Controller Setup.txt